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Treating External Hemorrhoids

 By the time people reach their advanced time of life, most of them would have gone on to develop this rather painful condition known as hemorrhoids. What are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are varicosed veins of the anal canal.  The other name for hemorrhoids is piles, which can become a very irksome problem when itching, burning and rectal bleeding is experienced.  The reasons contributing to its development are varied – it could be pregnancy related, excess body weight, standing or sitting Read more [...]

Treating Internal Hemorrhoids

Almost all women would have had a fleeting experience with hemorrhoids during their pregnancy period.  However, by middle age, more than half the population will encounter hemorrhoids as an ongoing problem. What are Hemorrhoids? Technically speaking, all of us have hemorrhoids.  There are three cushiony pads of tissue found in the anal passage, within which lie tiny clusters of veins.  These pillow-like structures are found just beneath the mucous membranes that line the lower end of the Read more [...]

Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Treatment

Individuals who experience itching, burning, or pain after defecation may in all probability be suffering from hemorrhoids.  This condition is embarrassing enough for sufferers to keep mum about their problem, and suffer in silence.  But doing this is not recommended by physicians, since neglecting hemorrhoids will only encourage it to grow in size and severity. What are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are tissue pads occurring naturally in our anal canal.  Along with the anal sphincter, these Read more [...]

Grade 3 Hemorrhoids Treatment

Taking delight in eating processed foods, like pizzas and burgers, and drinking fizzy beverages on a regular basis will not only lead to poor nutritional levels in the body, it could also increase the person’s risk of developing hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids By birth, there is a column of hemorrhoids present in our anal canal.  They are nothing but pads of tissues with a network of tiny blood vessels within, which also have the responsibility of preventing stool leakage, a function also carried Read more [...]

Grade 1 Hemorrhoids Treatment

 Hemorrhoid is not a serious health condition, but is something that can give out a lot of pain for the sufferer.  Sufferers will normally want to get rid of this annoying problem of theirs not because it poses a danger to their health, but because they want to experience pain relief. Hemorrhoids Due to over straining or excess pressure placed on the veins located in and around the anus, it can become swollen and inflamed, leading to the development of hemorrhoids.  This is also known commonly Read more [...]

Strangulated Hemorrhoids : Complications

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids will often complain of their condition not only being a painful one, but also a very embarrassing one as well.  People will want to know of methods that will help them not only heal hemorrhoids, but heal them in a rapid manner. What are Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are masses of dilated veins occurring in the anal canal or around the margin of the anal opening. Hemorrhoid Symptoms and Causes People suffering from hemorrhoids will describe an itching Read more [...]

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Treatment

 If individuals are experiencing infrequent bowel movements, meaning they are not passing stools as often as normally they do, and are straining to evacuate stools, they will need medical help.  If this is chosen to be neglected, it can lead to the formation of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids Every person has small pouches containing blood vessels and nerve tissues lining the anal canal that cushions the outward movement of fecal matter through it.  When these blood vessels become over strained, Read more [...]

External Hemorrhoids Surgery Procedure

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids look for treatment options that will start giving them great relief from the minute the treatment is started.  While looking for the best treatment method, it is also suggested that sufferers gather enough information about their condition, its symptoms and causes.  This will get them a better understanding of hemorrhoids and make their expectations from treatment procedures more reasonable. Hemorrhoids Veins located inside the anal canal and around Read more [...]

How to Treat Infected Hemorrhoids

The anus, in human bodies, is that part of the gastrointestinal tract that aids in the outward passage of fecal matter, which is nothing but bodily waste material, or the end product of successful digestion.  At the terminal end of the anal passage are present several sensitive nerve endings, blood vessels, and tiny glands.  When either of these gets irritated and inflamed, it could become a cause for great discomfort and pain. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are swelling of blood vessels situated Read more [...]

How to Cure Internal Hemorrhoids

  Internal Hemorrhoids All of us are actually shy and embarrassed to approach a physician to seek help when anal troubles arise.  However, it is important to see a doctor when rectal problems come into being, since neglecting it for long can lead to more serious health conditions. One such problem is the hemorrhoids, which does require medical attention. Hemorrhoids, to explain in simple terms, is an abnormal swelling on blood vessels located below the mucosal lining of the anal canal, or Read more [...]