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Internal and External Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment

 Bleeding Hemorrhoid  It is normal to get frightened when blood is noticed in the toilet bowl after having a bowel movement.  However, the reason for it to happen may not be that alarming.  It may just be happening from a bleeding hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are varicose veins located in the lower part of the rectal canal.  They can develop both internally or externally. Internal hemorrhoids are the painless type, occurring within the anal canal.  External hemorrhoids are Read more [...]

External Hemorrhoids Treatment Methods

 Cure External Hemorrhoids  It is very rare that a hemorrhoid sufferer will talk openly about their health problem.  They consider it to be a dirty and filthy condition to be discussed. Hemorrhoids This is a condition occurring when the vascular system located in the rectal area becomes swollen up and inflamed from too much straining, and excess pressure placed on the veins. There are soft, cushion-like pads found lining the anal canal made from tissues and tiny capillaries.  These Read more [...]

How to Treat Hemorrhoids in Infants

What has surprised me is getting to know that babies too are prone to developing hemorrhoids!!!....poor little souls!  Even though it is a very rare occurrence, babies as well are known to suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids When there is an increase in pressure on the blood vessels and veins situated in the lower end of the rectum, it could cause the vasculature to bulge out and swell leading to the condition known as hemorrhoids in the medical world, which is also known as piles among us Read more [...]

Itchy Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

 Itchy Hemorrhoids Treatment When our skin itches, most of us will not think twice to scratch the area at our heart’s content, or until the itchiness discontinues.  But what if the itchiness occurs around the anal area?  It is indeed difficult to exercise self control then. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are masses of tissues with a network of fine capillaries within that occurs in the anal canal.  When it is subjected to increased pressure, the vessels within the tissue pads can become abnormally Read more [...]

How to Treat Hemorrhoids in Women

 Hemorrhoids in Women : How to Manage ? Hemorrhoids are a rather common problem.  It is a condition that can affect both men and women to an equal degree, but women are at an increased risk of developing them during their pregnancy period or soon after childbirth. Hemorrhoids These are structures present in our body naturally containing blood vessels within, which can stretch and swell under increasing pressure.  The hemorrhoids line the anal canal and help in prevention of escape of fecal Read more [...]

Chronic Hemorrhoids Treatment & Home Remedies

Chronic Hemorrhoids Any disorder or disease condition of the body that can be controlled but not completely cured is referred to as a chronic event.  Almost all types of chronic diseases that human beings are at an increased risk of developing, and are commonly encountered, are also the ones that can be effectively controlled as well as prevented.  Hemorrhoid too is an abnormal body condition marked by long duration or frequent recurrences. Hemorrhoids There are masses or cushions of tissues Read more [...]

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy : Treatment & Home Remedies

 Hemorrhoids & Pregnancy Pregnancy is a wonderful period of time in a woman’s life, but this phase is also burdened with several health distresses.  However, fortunately, most of these health issues can be prevented, as in the case of hemorrhoids. What are Hemorrhoids? Veins in the rectal area are prone to become swollen and inflamed when excess pressure is placed on them.  When this occurs, the condition medically is regarded as hemorrhoids.  Sometimes, clotting in the vessels can also Read more [...]

Hemorrhoids After Childbirth :How to Treat Hemorrhoids After Delivery

Hemorrhoids After Childbirth Becoming a mother can bring about a lot of changes to a woman’s body.  Bringing a new life onto this earth is a feeling that will be cherished for life by a woman.  But along with it comes an entire new list of health problems for some women, like for instance, hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid, What Is It ? Hemorrhoids are a mass of abnormally enlarged veins and swollen tissues located either in the anal canal or near the outer anal ring.  Those occurring within the rectum Read more [...]

Grade 4 Hemorrhoids Treatment

 Grade 4 Hemorrhoids By the time people reach their middle age, half of them would have developed hemorrhoids.  But again, this is a problem not restricted to elders only.  Children, young pregnant women and the youth are liable to develop this problem as well.  In fact, all of us are at risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. What are Hemorrhoids? From time immemorial, people have been suffering from hemorrhoids; rich and poor alike.  This is a condition where the veins located within the anal Read more [...]

Ruptured Hemorrhoids :How to Prevent & Manage

Ruptured Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids, both internal and external ones, can possibly burst open and though this may sound grave and scary, a hemorrhoid rupture is not a life-threatening condition.  But, yes, it can be a source of embarrassment, because of blood seeping through the garments worn and making a display of it, especially when the individual is out in a crowd. Hemorrhoids The development of hemorrhoids happens as a result of pressure buildup within the rectum, that cause the veins located Read more [...]