Does Ice on Hemorrhoids Work

 Ice & Hemorrhoids

ice packHemorrhoids is an anal problem that can affect any individual, it is not restricted to any gender or age group.  It seems to have developed into a very common problem, affecting more than half of the adult population by the time they reach their middle age.

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Knowing Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen tissues and veins of those located in the anal process, as well as on the anus itself.  These can become very painful when they prolapse or become thrombosed.  It can make sitting down very difficult and irksome.

When the blood vessels located in the anal canal becomes swollen and inflamed then the condition is medically known as internal hemorrhoids.  When it is those blood vessels found on the anal ring that becomes swollen, then it is referred to as external hemorrhoids medically.  Internal hemorrhoids do not bring about pain symptoms, unlike external hemorrhoids, which are considered to be the most painful type.

The causes of hemorrhoids are thought to be constipation; weight gain, pregnancy; and any body state or activities that will increase pressure in the rectal canal, like for instance, lifting heavy weight objects, sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time on a regular basis, etc.

The hemorrhoid symptoms are considered to be –

–       Pain with bowel movements

–       An awareness of lumps around the anal ring

–       A constant sensation of itching or burning

–       Blood noticed on the sanitary absorbent paper

A proper diagnosis to confirm the presence of hemorrhoids should be obtained, especially in cases where bleeding is noted on a regular basis.  This is to rule out any serious occurrences within the alimentary canal that may be the source of bleeding.

Hemorrhoids Natural Cure

Hemorrhoid is not such a serious health issue and can be taken care of with home remedial measures.  First, it is important for the person to bring about changes in their diet and lifestyle.  A high fiber diet is a must to prevent frequent episodes of constipation, and should be accompanied by sufficient water intake.  A sedentary lifestyle will not be of help.  Instead, the person should take up some form of exercise to keep their body active, and to improve digestion.

If and when hemorrhoids do occur, regular sitz baths will help in relieving any discomfort experienced with hemorrhoid growth.  Adding herbal extracts of witch hazel, or blending Epsom salts into this bath water will aid in decreasing the size of hemorrhoids, for these natural products are known for their astringent effects on skin tissues.

Avoid the use of soaps to cleanse the rectal area, and avoid energetic wiping of the anus after bowel movements to prevent irritating the hemorrhoids even further.

Ice Packs for Treating Hemorrhoids

The technique of applying cold compresses around the hemorrhoids soon after soaking them in warm water baths will rapidly relieve any inflammation and pain symptoms accompanying hemorrhoid development.  Applying ice on the hemorrhoid surface will bring down the temperature of the skin and underlying tissues, and this will result in the narrowing of blood vessels.  Since hemorrhoid is a case of swollen blood vessels, reduced swelling will be visible with the use of ice packs regularly on them.

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