Grade 1 Hemorrhoids Treatment

 Hemorrhoid is not a serious health condition, but is something that can give out a lot of pain for the sufferer.  Sufferers will normally want to get rid of this annoying problem of theirs not because it poses a danger to their health, but because they want to experience pain relief.


Due to over straining or excess pressure placed on the veins located in and around the anus, it can become swollen and inflamed, leading to the development of hemorrhoids.  This is also known commonly as piles.

This development can occur inside the anal canal, called medically as internal hemorrhoids; or outside the anus referred to as external hemorrhoids.  People will not be aware of their internal hemorrhoids since it is a painless condition due to lack of nerve fibers in it.  On the other hand, external hemorrhoids can become very painful, can become squeezed by the anal muscles and strangulated, causing even more pain and discomfort for the sufferer.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the individual will note –

–       More than pain, itching and a burning sensation after passage of stools.  These sensations occur from the mucus being secreted by the hemorrhoids.

–       A feeling of incomplete defecation caused from the hemorrhoid placing more pressure on the anal canal.

–       Large internal hemorrhoids can protrude outside the anal opening and can be felt during wiping the area after having a bowel movement.

–       Blood in the toilet bowl or on stools passed, usually happening from a tear occurring in the swollen veins.

In the case of external hemorrhoids –

–       Lumps felt around the anal ring along with itching, and burning sensations.  External hemorrhoids are a source of excruciating pain.

–       Clots can form in the swollen veins leading to thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Grade 1 Hemorrhoids

In reality, hemorrhoids are present in all of us.  These are cushiony structures lining the anal canal which secret mucus to ease out the passage of stools.  Within these pads of tissues are also situated a tiny network of capillaries.  Hence, hemorrhoid by itself is not a problem.

The problem arises, when the blood vessels situated within these structures become inflamed, and swollen up.  This can happen from excess pressure and strain placed on them, which can only happen while engaged in activities that increase the pressure within the rectal canal – like for instance, straining to have a bowel movement.

The hemorrhoid is said to be in grade 1 stage of development, when the blood vessels swell and bulge out into the anal canal, but does not protrude out of the anal opening.  It stays inside the anal passage and does not produce any pain symptoms.  At this stage, if the problem gets detected, it is easy to stop its progression into the next stage by taking the necessary steps in a timely manner.

Treating Grade 1 Hemorrhoids

First, it is important that the individual does not strain to have a bowel movement.  While passing stools, excess pressure is needed when the stools formed are hard and difficult to be evacuated with ease.  To prevent constipation, it is suggested that the person increase their daily water intake and make some dietary changes.  Avoiding foods that are processed, that contain lot of spice is recommended.  Instead, wholesome foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables should be consumed on a daily basis to ensure that the stools formed are soft.

In addition to the above, getting regular exercise is also recommended to keep their bowels moving.

A control over their diet and keeping themselves active is all that the sufferer will need to do to check the further progression of hemorrhoid growth.