Hemorrhoids Alternative Treatment for Permanent Cure

 Hemorrhoids  Holistic Treatment

Alternative therapy is one mode of treatment that has been gaining popularity and acceptance in the recent times.  Since natural ingredients and methods are used to cure disorders and disease conditions, it is considered to be the most safest way to find cure and relief from diseases, with minimal or no side effects perceived.

Similarly, alternative treatment methods provide natural pain relief from hemorrhoids as well as helps in preventing any further recurrences.


Under the skin surrounding the outer anal ring, and mucosal lining of the anal canal are several tiny blood vessels.  These capillaries tend to expand and swell when excess pressure is placed on them, leading to the condition known as hemorrhoids.

When the blood vessels situated outside the rectum bulge out, this condition is called external hemorrhoids; and, when the vessels located inside the anal passage swell, it is referred to as internal hemorrhoids.

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, it is a painless condition and its presence is often detected when bleeding is observed.  It is painless because of an absence of nerve endings in this location.  On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are often a painful condition for it is supplied with a good network of nerve tissues that makes the hemorrhoids highly sensitive.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

–       Itching

–       Burning

–       Pain with defecation

–       Lumps felt around the anal ring

–       Blood on the toilet paper, in the toilet bowel, or on stools passed

Hemorrhoids Causes

–       Old age – a weakening of the connective tissues that support the hemorrhoids can result in hemorrhoid protrusion and/or prolapse

–       Straining to pass stools – a general requirement when the individual is constipated

–       Standing or sitting for long hours

–       Lifting heavy objects

–       Obesity

–       Pregnancy

Alternative Treatment for Hemorrhoids

In order to ease the discomfort and pain experienced with hemorrhoids, the individual may take hot baths or sit in sitz baths for twenty minutes every day.  Applying hot compresses alternating with ice cold packs on the hemorrhoid area will also help.

Becoming constipated will only add to the sufferer’s problems.  To help deal with this bowel condition, the person will need to make some dietary changes.  Adding more fibrous foods into their daily diet, including more of legumes, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables is suggested to avoid constipation.  Avoiding spicy food is recommended for they can irritate the hemorrhoids while being eliminated out.

In addition to a fiber-rich diet, the individual will also have to maintain sufficient intake of fluids in the form of water and fresh juices.  Water will keep the stools soft for easy elimination.  However, beverages like tea, coffee, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks will have to be avoided.

A popular herb used in the treatment process of hemorrhoids is witch hazel.  This particular herb helps in shrinking hemorrhoids by it natural astringent effect.  Soak a small blob of cotton in witch hazel extract and apply it on the hemorrhoids, holding it in place for some time until relief is got.  The individual is likely to experience some amount of burning sensation when it is held against the skin.

In case the condition is severe, there is bleeding noted, or the pain from hemorrhoids is unbearable, then a medical practitioner should be consulted immediately.