Hemorrhoids Natural Treatment with Safe & Fast Home Remedies

Hemorrhoid is a condition that can affect people of any age.  Even children are known to suffer from hemorrhoids, though it is a rare occurrence.  It is usually the elderly lot who are more prone to developing this bothersome rectal condition, but not uncommon among the pregnant ladies or obese people.


At the lower end of the rectum and closer to the anal opening, one will find a fine network of capillaries that can become irritated, inflamed and swollen when it is overly pressurized or strained.  Hemorrhoids are the result of these blood vessels getting accumulated with blood due to improper flow of blood.  These become affected with inflammation as well, eventually causing it to bulge out into the anal canal, bringing about pain sensation during the passage of stools, since there are these bulges that prevent the smooth passage of stools.

Hemorrhoids can occur within the anal passage called internal hemorrhoids; or can happen around the outer ring of the anal opening, known as external hemorrhoids.  External hemorrhoids are also connected well with the nervous system, thus bringing about pain symptoms too; something that is absent in internal hemorrhoids, since they lack in nerve tissues.


The common hemorrhoid symptoms are –

–       Itching and burning sensation around the anus

–       Lumps or swelling felt around the rectum

–       Pain while passing stools

–       Blood in stools

Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

A lot can be done naturally to keep hemorrhoids away.  Simple changes made in the sufferer’s diet and lifestyle patterns will go a long way in preventing the recurrence of hemorrhoids.

A fiber rich diet plays an important role in keeping hemorrhoids away.  Trying to evacuate dry and hardened stools is not an easy task.  It will require a lot of straining and pushing to get the tightly formed stools out.  This itself is sufficient to trigger as well as aggravate an already present hemorrhoid condition.

To keep the formation of stools soft for easy elimination, dietary fibers is much needed.  Insoluble fibers got from food sources will add more bulk to the fecal matter, making it more soft and mushy, which can be evacuated out with much ease.  For this, the person will have to consume wholesome foods and avoid processed food products.  More fruits and vegetables will have to be made part of their daily diet.

However, taking only fiber rich foods and deficient in water intake will not help in preventing constipation.  Water, at least a liter of water a day, too is essential to keep the stools soft.

Apply ice-cold packs on the hemorrhoids to provide relief from itching and pain.

Sitz bath taken frequently will help in easing hemorrhoid symptoms.  All that the person is required to do is to sit in a sitz bowl, that is readily available in all drug stores, filled with warm water for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis.

Exercising regularly will not only help one in getting rid of their excess body weight, but will also keep a check on their hemorrhoid formation.  Going about doing a lot of physical activities and keeping themselves active will aid in better digestion of food, and prevent stagnation of food material in the intestines for long that usually leads to constipation.

It is important that hemorrhoids be taken care of effectively during its initial stages itself, or it may warrant surgical methods in the future to get rid of it.