Hemorrhoids Self Treatment : Does it Work ?

 The first step, and a very important one, to be taken while trying to self treat one’s own body disorder or disease conditions, without any medical help, is to have a complete understanding of the condition that they are suffering from, and to learn more about it.

Patients complaining about hemorrhoids too can treat their condition on their own efforts, but the relief got will depend on the severity of their condition.

What are Hemorrhoids?

It is understood that there are soft, pad-like structures lining the anal passage that are made of tissues and a network of tiny capillaries, and which helps in checking stool leakage when the urge to pass bowels becomes progressively greater.  When these soft pads are subjected to extremes of pressure, the veins within can bulge and swell out, leading to the condition known medically as hemorrhoids.

Is this rectal problem a painful condition or not?  It will depend on the location of the hemorrhoid development.  Hemorrhoids happening in the internal anal passage are usually painless for there are no bands of nerve tissues present in them.  However, hemorrhoids occurring in the outer ring of the anal canal are supplied with a rich network of nerves, and this makes the condition a rather painful one.

Hemorrhoid Self Treatment

Self treating hemorrhoids is only suggested for mild-to-moderate cases of hemorrhoids, where it has not yet begun to prolapse, or it does protrude but spontaneously retreats back.

There are several self-care methods available which can be employed for relieving itchiness and any other discomfort that the patient may be experiencing, but again, just to reiterate a fact, the effectiveness of these self-help treatment methods will depend on how serious the condition is.

–       Water, both cold and warm, will help in soothing the itching, soreness and inflammation experienced while suffering from hemorrhoids.  Apply ice packs on the rectal area for relief; or otherwise, sitting in a sitz bowl filled with tepid water for approximately 15 minutes, and repeating it several times in a day, will also bring great relief.

–       Constipation and straining to have a bowel movement are common reasons for hemorrhoids to occur in the first place.  And these can be taken care of by having a fiber rich diet.  The dietary fibers consumed will add more bulk to the stools formed, making it soft and easy for evacuation.

–       Along with a high-fiber diet, it is also recommended that the patient keep themselves well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids.  By fluids, one does not mean alcohol, tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks; but, juices extracted from fruits and vegetables.  Water and such healthy fluids will aid in producing soft stools as well.

–       Enough body movement in the form of routine exercises too is recommended to treat as well as prevent hemorrhoids from happening again.  Take frequent breaks and move around if sitting or standing in one place for long hours cannot be avoided.

–       Do not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement for long.  This will only lead to constipation.

While following self treatment methods for getting a control over hemorrhoids, if the person perceives no relief even after a seven day period, then their problem should be referred to a physician for medical treatment.