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Hemorrhoids Home Remedies

Can home remedies really work against bodily disorders, or are they just used to provide some mental relief to the sufferer than for its actual remedial effect on a disorder?  From common talk, there seems to be some testimonies made by sufferers of them getting relief from use of certain home remedial measures.  Let us take a look at what these are……keep reading.


Hemorrhoids are generally swollen blood vessels around the anal area, leading to swelling of the skin surrounding the affected area as well, which can become a great source of pain and discomfort for the affected person while having daily bowel movements.  In fact, this is an abnormal condition arising from over exerting oneself while having regular bowel movements.

How can Hemorrhoids Develop?

–       Sitting or standing uninterruptedly for long hours

–       Chronic diarrhea

–       Constipation, requiring extra pressure and straining to pass stools

–       Lifting heavy objects frequently

–       Excess body weight

–       Pregnancy related

A common presentation of hemorrhoids is evidence of fresh blood in stools, or rectal bleeding.

Once a person becomes aware of blood in stools, they should first consult with a doctor and rule out any other possible causes for it, like for instance – anal fissures.  If the decision reached by diagnosis is that of hemorrhoids, then effective treatment methods should be followed.

There are medications, topical creams and ointments available for treating hemorrhoids, as well as minimally invasive procedures that can be employed for hemorrhoid cure.  In worst-case scenario, complete hemorrhoid removal may also be required.

On the other hand, hemorrhoids can also be cured without the help of prescription medicines, or without any other typical treatments followed for healing hemorrhoids, like risky surgical procedures.  It can be totally gotten rid of with the use of home remedial methods alone.

Hemorrhoid Home Remedies That Works

Hemorrhoids Home RemediesMild cases of hemorrhoids get resolved on its own without any treatment strategies required.  There are also certain things that a sufferer can do to keep the symptoms minimal, like – wetting the toilet paper to make it soft, before wiping after having a bowel movement; keeping the area clean and dry, as well as well moisturized; wearing loose-fit undergarments, etc.

Other than these, treating certain abnormal functions of the body that may be contributing to hemorrhoid formation will also aid in controlling further development of hemorrhoids.

A main cause for hemorrhoids is found to be constipation.  Constipation usually occurs when the person’s diet lacks in fiber, when there is less water consumption, when meal times are erratic, and when there is too much consumption of tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages.  Correcting all of these will help in eradicating constipation problems, and in turn hemorrhoids.  Also,

–       Extracting juice from half a lemon, adding it to a glass of lukewarm water and half a teaspoon of salt; or mixing half a teaspoon of fennel seed powder to a glass of warm water and drinking just before retiring to bed will help in regulating bowel movements.

–       Eat fresh oranges early morning and before going to bed to aid in better digestion and regulation of intestinal activities, including passage of stools.

–       Mix two teaspoons each of crushed ginger and mint leaves and extract its juices.  To this juice, add 2 tsp on fresh lemon juice, and 1 tsp of honey.  Blend well and consume twice in a day for relief from hemorrhoids.

–       Walk long distances regularly, or engage in any other physical activities that can aid in stimulating regular bowel movements.

If the condition persists even after being on home remedies for an extended period of time, then it is best that a physician be consulted.  Never let this condition go untreated for long.