How to Heal Hemorrhoids Fast with Diet & Home Remedies

 Heal Hemorrhoids Quickly

Hemorrhoid sufferers would want to follow treatment methods that will provide them with immediate pain and symptom relief.  Most often, hemorrhoids can be treated effectively using natural treatment methods.  However, cases of hemorrhoids that are serious, will need medical help.


Hemorrhoids are present in every body.  The medical condition called hemorrhoids, or more commonly piles, is a term used to describe the swollen condition of blood vessels situated within the anal canal, or around the anus, called internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids respectively.

The condition can bring about a lot of pain, itching, burning, and at times bleeding; but otherwise is not considered to be a dangerous health condition.  Yes, if the abnormal swelling of blood vessels is left untreated, it can lead to complications.

Internal hemorrhoids are the painless type since there is an absence of nerve fibers in them.  But these hemorrhoids can protrude or prolapse out of the anal canal, and when they grow in size, they can be squeezed by the anal muscles leading to its strangulation.  Strangulated hemorrhoids can become a dangerous condition when gangrene or infection sets in, causing pus formation and so forth.

In the case of external hemorrhoid, which is the painful type, clotting can take place within the swollen blood vessels leading to the condition known as thrombosed hemorrhoids.  Thrombosed hemorrhoids give out a lot of pain, that can make walking and sitting very uncomfortable and distressing.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

If the development of hemorrhoids is still in its initial stages, then home remedial methods will help in providing fast relief.

–       The main causative factor for hemorrhoids is considered to be constipation.  Hard stools will need an extra push and strain to evacuate them, a process which will over exert the blood vessels located in the anal canal, triggering the formation of hemorrhoids.  Stool formation can be made soft by adding more bulk to it, which is possible by consuming fiber rich foods.  Along with this, sufficient fluid intake daily will keep constipation problems away.

–       For pain relief, or to get rid of the itching and burning sensation that are usually felt after passing stools, the sufferer can soak their body in hot bath water, or sit in a sitz bowl containing warm water for twenty minutes.

–       Hot soaks can be alternated with cold compresses which is also capable of providing pain relief fast.

–       Good bowel habits should be followed, by establishing a time to have daily bowel movements.  This will prevent stagnation of fecal matter, and keep passage of stools smooth that will minimize hemorrhoid symptoms to a great extent.

–       Witch hazel is a popular herb used to treat hemorrhoids.  Its effectiveness is claimed to be due to its astringent effect.  Soak a towel in witch hazel extract and hold it against the hemorrhoid until relief is got.  Also, wet wipes containing witch hazel herbal extract can be used to wipe the anal area after every bowel movement to avoid irritating the area any further.

Following any of the above remedial measures will provide fast relief from hemorrhoid symptoms.  Keeping the anal area completely clean is also recommended to decrease the risk of bacterial buildup, which will only lead to increased sensitivities and infections.