How to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain Naturally with Home Remedies

Get Rid of Hemorrhoid Pain

Experiencing any type of body pain, on a chronic basis, can be the worst kind of situation anybody can be in.  Acute pain is something easy to deal with, since the pain will cease to exist once the healing process is done.  Chronic pain, on the other hand, will continue to remain as a prominent feature in the sufferer’s everyday life.  Some days may be better than others for the person enduring pain, but it can be debilitating without being evident to others.

Likewise, the pain felt from hemorrhoids can impair the overall strength and vigor of the sufferer.  Hemorrhoid is definitely not a life-threatening or dangerous body disorder, but having hemorrhoids can make life uncomfortable and a rather painful one.


All of us have hemorrhoids.  Surprised….!!  The fact is that hemorrhoid is part of our anatomy.  It is a cushiony pad of tissues and vasculature situated on the walls of the anal passage, that may have some role to play while moving bowels.  There are three such pads lining the anal canal.  This hemorrhoid becomes a problem when the network of veins lying within begins to swell from extremes of pressure placed on them.

At some point, in almost everyone’s life, hemorrhoids can cause problems but eventually alleviate on their own.  In some though, this goes on to become a chronic problem.

Hemorrhoids can occur internally or externally, with internal hemorrhoid being a painless condition since there are no sensory nerves present within them.  Thus, even if bleeding occurs, no pain will be felt.  Internal hemorrhoids can protrude outward and they may go back to their original position on their own, or may have to be manually pushed back inside, and even this will not cause any pain.

On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are well connected with the nervous system, therefore causing a lot of pain.

Hemorrhoid Pain Management

Dealing with pain from hemorrhoids, on a long term basis, will require several strategies to be put in place, but not all will work for every sufferer equally well.  It is up to the sufferer to find the right strategy that will suit them the best.

–       Soaking in warm sitz baths will help in alleviating pain from hemorrhoids.  Fill the sitz tub with warm water and sit in it until the water cools down.  Doing this on a regular basis will lessen pain to a great extent.

–       Moist wiping, wetting the toilet paper before wiping, or using medicated wipes to clean the area after moving bowels will help in keeping the anal area less irritated.  This may also lessen the strength of the pain felt.

–       An application of topical creams and use of medicated suppositories may also help in relieving pain around the rectal area.

–       In case the person is constipated, then the use of laxatives is suggested to soften stools so as to have painless passage of stools.

–       Dietary management is also recommended to prevent constipation in the first place.  Drinking plenty of water and consuming foods that are rich in dietary fiber to keep the stools soft and mushy is suggested.

Effective management of hemorrhoids will require some amount of self-determination from the sufferer.  They will have to be sincere in their efforts and work hard to eliminate this problem of theirs altogether.