How to Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally

 Itching around the rectum, or a burning sensation, is something that almost all of us would have experienced at some time during our existence.  While this could be from lack of proper hygiene or from a dry skin condition occurring from use of strongly scented soaps to clean the area, it could also be happening from having hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoid is enlarged or varicosed veins located near the end of the anal passage.  Located around the lowest end of the rectum are veins that can become irritated, inflamed, stretched, and swollen when increasingly strained, or excess pressure is placed on them while passing stools.  Hemorrhoids can occur internally, which cannot be felt since it develops inside the rectum; and externally as well, which can be felt as it develops below the skin surface surrounding the anus, and usually felt as lumps.


–       Constipation is considered to be the main cause for hemorrhoids

–       Straining to pass stools

–       Lifting heavy objects

–       Standing or sitting for long hours

–       Extremes of abdominal pressure that can arise from obesity, pregnancy

Hemorrhoid Treatment

There are medicated creams, ointments and suppositories available to take control over hemorrhoids.  If these fail to bring about the desired results, then there are minimally invasive as well surgical procedures present that can take care of hemorrhoids.

Besides these, there are natural ways by which hemorrhoids can be shrunken and gotten rid of, but with some effort.

Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally

Horse Chestnut – Taking care of the veins located in the rectal area will prevent any more flare-ups of hemorrhoids.  This is possible with the use of horse chestnut, a herb that aids in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels.  A specific compound in this herb known as aescin, has the ability to repair any leaks occurring in the capillaries and blood vessels as well as improve their elasticity and health condition.

This specific herb is available in a supplement form which can be taken internally to enhance the functions of veins.  It comes in an ointment form as well that can be applied directly over the hemorrhoids to decrease its size and to experience symptom relief.

Witch Hazel CompressesThis is a herb known for its astringent effect.  When applied on skin tissues, it helps in reducing any swelling occurring there.  Hence, when it is used over hemorrhoidal swelling, it will successfully reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

This is available in liquid form in almost all drug stores.  Soak a cotton swab in this liquid and place it directly over the hemorrhoids, holding it in place for about 5 minutes.  Do this after every bowel movement and just before going to bed to shrink the hemorrhoid size.

Dietary Fibers – The common cause for hemorrhoids is constipation.  Dealing with constipation in the first place will help in treating hemorrhoids.  Constipation can be taken care of by consuming fiber rich foods, avoiding processed foods, and drinking plenty of water all of which will keep the stools formed soft and easy for evacuation.

Changes in Lifestyle Patterns – Avoidance of alcohol, tea, caffeine and carbonated drinks is also something that needs to be followed by hemorrhoid sufferers.  Exercising regularly will also help.  Sufferers are advised to use the washroom when the urge to pass bowels advances, and never to delay.  Establishing a particular time to defecate every day, like for instance before having their bath in the mornings will also prevent constipation, thereby keeping a check on the formation of hemorrhoids.

Even if the symptoms of hemorrhoids ceases to exist, the patient should continue to follow with their dietary and lifestyle changes to prevent further episodes of hemorrhoids.