How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Hemorrhoid sufferers are likely to keep their sufferings a secret.  People do not like to talk about it, since they feel ashamed about this medical condition of theirs.  Once this condition is understood well, individuals will become aware that there is nothing to feel inferior about it and they can shrink hemorrhoids & get rid of all symptoms naturally.


There are veins present in our body that bring back blood to the heart from different parts.  The veins of the anus and rectum can possibly become dilated and swollen up from various reasons, leading to the condition termed medically as hemorrhoids.

To a common man, this is referred to as piles, and can be of two types – a) internal; and b) external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

–       Itchiness, burning sensation, pain around the anal region

–       Incomplete bowel movements

–       Blood in stools

Causes for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid causes are varied, like –

–       Lack of fiber intake via diet, resulting in hard stools that require to be expelled out with excessive effort

–       Constipation occurring on a frequent basis, wherein the individual is required to spend a lot of time in the process of pushing out fecal material, which can strain the rectal veins and trigger hemorrhoids

–       Hardening of stools can also occur from postponing the urge to have a bowel movement, due to the need to complete more important tasks at hand, and when done so on a regular basis, it will initiate the process of hemorrhoids

–       Any disorder affecting the intestinal tract that disrupts normal elimination of bowels is another cause

–       Obese people will also have to do a lot of straining to have a bowel movement, and this can cause hemorrhoids to set in

–       Pregnant women, because of weight gain around their abdomen and pelvic areas, are also likely to experience hemorrhoids during their pregnancy period

–       Family history of hemorrhoids

–       Engaged in an occupation where there is lot of heavy lifting done, which places more strain on the lower back and pelvic areas, giving rise to hemorrhoids

Natural Treatment Methods for Hemorrhoid Cure

A sitz bath taken regularly will provide relief from hemorrhoid symptoms.  The person is required to immerse their upper thighs, lower abdomen, and buttocks in a tub filled with hot water for about 30 minutes.  This will help them handle the pain better, and alleviate any itchiness or irritation that accompanies it.

Follow having a sitz bath with application of witch hazel or aloe vera extract, with a cotton swab, on the anus region, for relief from inflammation and itching.

Having a fiber rich diet is recommended to avoid constipation, which is considered to be an important cause for hemorrhoids.  Fiber is found in abundance in plant foods, since they contain more of indigestible material acting as fiber.  Dietary fibers will add more bulk to stools and reduce the time needed for its outward passage.

Drink plenty of water to soften stools as well as to produce stools of a right consistency for easy elimination.  Consumption of fruit and vegetable juices will also provide the much needed soluble fibers for softening fecal matter, so as to have normal bowel movements.

Exercise and maintain ideal body weight, since obesity is linked to the development of hemorrhoids.  All those factors that contribute to excess body weight, like – following a diet lacking in dietary fibers, remaining inactive or seated for long hours, little or no amount of exercise – also play a significant role in establishing hemorrhoid problems.

In case where natural methods fail to provide the desired results, then consulting a physician is recommended, in order to prevent hemorrhoids from being a chronic condition.