How to Use Alum for Hemorrhoids Relief

Alum for Hemorrhoids

AlumHemorrhoid is a common health problem, usually occurring during one’s later life, but it is not normal to continue suffering from it.  In case the individual chooses to ignore this condition of theirs for long, it is then likely to cause a lot of damage to their health.


A condition of rectal veins being inflamed and swollen is referred to as hemorrhoids.  This swelling can affect the veins that are present inside the rectum, called internal hemorrhoids; or it can occur outside the anal opening, named as external hemorrhoids.

As the size of the internal hemorrhoid continues to increase, they can possibly protrude out of the anal opening, and then it is referred to as prolapsed hemorrhoids.  In a situation where blood clots begin to form in the swollen veins, then the condition will be termed as thrombosed hemorrhoids.


–       Constipation or diarrhea increases pressure in the veins of the anus, causing them to bulge out and swell

–       Increase in anal pressure experienced during pregnancy or with weight gain

–       Also, sitting for long hours

–       Lifting objects of great weight


Some individuals complain of noticing blood after wiping every time they have a bowel movement, but experience no other abnormalities.  This is usually the case with internal hemorrhoids.

Small lumps felt around the anal opening while wiping usually is the result of external hemorrhoids.

Pain and discomfort may be experienced while stools pass through the anal opening.


This is a term given to two double salts, namely, potassium aluminum sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate.  Also known as potassium alum, this is an easily available crystal with a high degree of astringent effect on skin tissues.  At the present times, this has also been in use for therapeutic purposes, especially used in treating any abnormal bodily protuberances affecting the body.  Earlier, this being the main ingredient in baking powder, it was used to give crispness to baked goods and to harden gelatin based cooked dishes.

Alum –

–       Is crystalline by nature

–       This is a chemical substance that dissolves in water easily and the resultant solution is slightly sweet to taste

–       As stated earlier, has a good astringent quality

–       Has antiseptic properties as well

Dissolving alum crystals in 5 parts of water is done to be used for shrinking hemorrhoids, to stop any bleeding, and to reduce the mucus discharge that usually occurs in an increased manner when hemorrhoids occur.

How is alum used specifically to treat hemorrhoids?  For this, it is best to obtain alum powder.  To five measures of water, add one measure of powdered alum crystals and stir well until the crystals dissolve.  Then, allow this solution to sit for approximately three hours or even more.

After this, fill a sitz bath with warm water to which two teaspoons of this concentrated alum solution is added.  Spend about 15 to 20 minutes sitting in this bath.  Following this ritual on a daily basis will help in shrinking the hemorrhoids.  It is recommended that this be done twice in a day after which the area should be thoroughly dried.

An important point to be taken into consideration is that, if the individual fails to notice any improvement in their hemorrhoid condition after religiously following this remedial method for long, then medical help should be sought.