As a rule, I believe, every individual should find different ways to avoid and prevent disease conditions rather than run about finding a cure for it.  In the first place, it would be nice if everyone could make some time for themselves, and get a doctor to examine them thoroughly on a periodical basis.  This will help to keep track of their health status as well as to detect any illness at its incipient stage, which can be successfully treated then.  Basic body hygiene and cleanliness, like – washing hands before touching food; eating freshly cooked foods and avoiding processed food products; refraining from regular alcohol consumption and smoking; and establishing an every-day exercise routine will go a long way in helping people prevent bodily disorders.

Like any other disorders that can disturb the normal functions of our body, the development of hemorrhoids, by all possibility can be prevented as well, with little effort.

Any disease process occurring in our body does not happen all by itself in a sudden manner.  It develops in a gradually way with various other body conditions motivating the act of its development.  Hence understanding how the condition can occur, and what are its causes will help in taking steps to prevent its occurrence.


These are swollen tissues within which are present dilated veins, occurring at the adjoining surface of the external exit of the anal canal.  They can be painful when they are large in size and come in the way of passage of body wastes, which then can result in a burning sensation felt while having a bowel movement, or even can emit blood from them when overstressed.

What are the hemorrhoid causes?

The main cause is placing too much pressure on the blood vessels situated in the rectal canal, forcing them to stretch and bulge out, and sometimes even causing them to rupture and bleed.  This kind of pressure is placed when the individual experiences –

–       Constipation or diarrhea

–       Excess body weight

–       Pressure from fetal growth during pregnancy

–       Engaged in jobs that require lifting heavy objects

–       Standing or sitting for long hours accompanied with little or no exercise

–       Or there may even be genetic factors – like weakness of the walls of the anal canal

Preventing Hemorrhoids

–       With constipation found to be the main cause for hemorrhoid formation, steps should be taken to prevent constipation in the first place.  Constipation is infrequent passage of stools due to hardened fecal formation that is difficult to evacuate.  This usually occurs from a poor diet that lacks in fiber content, from insufficient water consumption, and from lack of exercises.  Rectifying these by setting a proper dietary pattern and lifestyle routine will suffice to bring this condition under good control, in turn preventing hemorrhoid formation.

–       Avoid lifting heavy objects on a frequent basis for this can place undue pressure around the anal opening and contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids.

–       Refrain from straining to have a bowel movement.

–       If one cannot avoid sitting for long hours, since their profession requires them to sit in one place for extended period of time, then they should at least ensure that their feet are kept slightly raised.  This can be achieved by placing a small step stool under their feet, that will keep their upper legs in level with the hips.

–       Take frequent breaks if standing for long hours cannot be avoided as well.

These necessary steps taken will be sufficient to prevent hemorrhoids.